Monday, October 15, 2012

Narrative Switch Up: The Big Bad Wolf's Full Proof Plan

((I did this for extra credit in my LAC class, the teacher just wanted me to switch up the narrator, with only 2 paragraphs, so I picked the Big Bad Wolf from "Little Red Riding Hood". Enjoy! :P))

The Bid Bad Wolf's Full Proof Plan

By: Madison Louise

I watched as Little Red Riding Hood came skipping down the path, humming to herself. Her basket brimming with goodies. Goodies for her sick grandmother. My stomach growled, I wanted those goodies. But how would I get them without scaring her away? Sure, I could just jump out, eat her, and run off with the goodies, but I wanted to be smarter than that. Cleaner, if you will. I made up a plan right then and there: I would hurry ahead of Little Red to her grandmother’s house, and dress up as her grandmother, than Red would give me the goodies, thinking it was her grandmother. It was full proof.

I ran along ahead of the humming Little Red Riding Hood, foam forming in my mouth. I could almost taste the goodies in that basket. When I made it to grandmother’s house, I peeked into the window, and I saw grandmother in bed, I rubbed my claws together, and chuckled to myself. I snuck into the back door, grandmother yelled at me, as she tried to swat me away with a broom, but I shoved her into a closet. Snickering, I grabbed some of her clothes out of her dresser, and I climbed into bed. Just as Little Red came. “Grandmother!” she called, “I brought you some goodies!” she walked inside, and came to the bed, she looked at me strangely. “My, what big teeth you have grandmother.” She said, the goodies were so close…so close…but just as Little Red was about to give them to me, she noticed that I wasn’t her grandmother. She started to swat at me, then she threw open the closet, and grandmother came out, trying to swat me with her broom. Defeated, I ran out the back door. Humiliated. I guess my plan wasn’t full proof after all…

There you guys go! I hoped you liked it. ;)


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  1. is the b.b.wolf the same thing as the 3 little pigs


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