Saturday, October 20, 2012

NaNo Advice: Why Outline?

I've asked this question many times before, and I've been told the answer. But I've never actually done it. Until today, that is.

Today, I outlined my NaNo Novel. And I must say, I'm really confident about NaNo this year. All my brain is spilled out onto 2 pages of a brain feels so...empty. lol

Now the question: "why outline?"

1. You're brain feels empty.

2. It's your cheat sheet in case you forget your plot, or get stuck.

3. You feel more confident that your book WILL get written, and it won't sit around, untouched, because you can't think of anything to write.

Now, you must be saying..."those are good ideas, but...I like it in my brain. Why can't I keep it there?" Well, I used to say that, and I still do like my plots in my brain. And this one is still in there, I just have somewhere to go, just in case I forget.

(Of course, after NaNo, will most likely never outline until the next NaNo, but you never know...)

Another question: "How do I outline?"

What I did was: take a piece of paper, and write: Beginning on the top, and I wrote what happens in the beginning of the novel (not all in detail, just in a couple fragments). Then, I wrote: Body. And I wrote everything that would be in the middle of the novel (again, fragments). Then, I wrote: Resolution.  Where I put what happens at the end. (fragments)*

My outline! :P (this will go on big poster board, soon!)

(Of course...I have no idea what happens at the end yet. lol)

And I'm going to stick all that on a poster board, in marker, and stick it on my wall. Then it'll always be there!

*You can also do this on a computer too.*

Another way you could outline is, buying a bunch of different colors of post it notes, and then outline on those. Stick them all on your wall. (I really want to try this one, but alas, I don't have any post it notes...)

Another question: "What if I don't use my outline?"

*shrug* then you just don't. No harm done. If you like the way your novel turned out, good for you! :) And if you're not sure you won't even use your outline, don't make a big deal, just write it down on a piece of paper, in sloppy hand writing you can only read. Or, go all out, and then have it hanging in your room to show your friends when they come over. (hehe)


I don't usually write posts like this, but I was feeling very inspired today! ;P

I hope everyone has fun outlining their novels this weekend! (or whenever you do!)


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