Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Twitter Giveaway!!

I reached 100 entries on the Goodreads giveaway for a paperback copy of SHADOW FUTURE. (check out the page.) So now...I'm going to have a Twitter giveaway!!

When?: Friday, 3pm EST. Until we're done!

Where: Twitter. ;) (my twitter: @MadisonYALouise)

Here are all the rules and prizes:

When you answer a question, attach: #SFTwitterGiveaway at the end of your tweet!

All of the questions are going to be on SHADOW FUTURE (Two Rings, #1) so have your book handy! ;D

When I answer, the FIRST PERSON TO ANSWER CORRECTLY, gets the prize.

There will be six questions (unless I think of more), and places when you can RT or favorite to win.

The prizes include:

Bookplates (3)

ebook of SHADOW FUTURE (2)

Bookmarks (3)

Pre-order of DIM FUTURE (2)

Pre-order of THE STORM (1)

e-ARC of DIM FUTURE (when they are available!) (1)

I hope that enough people join in, so I can giveaway all of these!! :D

I hope to see you guys there!!!

(so does, Max. ;))


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