Monday, October 22, 2012

Why my Monday just got 100% more awesome

Ok you know, SHADOW FUTURE is now available in the Ohio library, after lunch, I went to the library to see it, so I could take pictures of it, and fangirl.

When I got there, I couldn't find it on the shelf. And I was all like: "SAD FACE." Then, we asked the YA librarian if it was on the shelves, and she said, yes. She looked up the book in the system of the library, and told us:

"Someone has checked out your book."

I was all like:

Then I was like:

Then I was this:


It's like: YEAHHHH! SOMEONE CHECKED OUT MY BOOK, then you're like...oh my gosh, I'm going to pass out from happiness, then, you're like...someone's reading my book...right now...and I have no idea who they are at all...AHHHHHHH.

I also told Pearl about it, and she had the same reaction as I did:

She totally understood this...

Ok so, all in all, my Monday got 100% more awesome. It was already awesome because 1. I had no classes all day, just math. And 2. we went out for lunch. So this just added on to the awesomeness. 


I hope you guys are having as great a day as I am!! You guys rock! :)


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