Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Entry for the Day with Ash (or Puck)

Bad news....I deleted my OTHER post for the contest...Now I have to write it again...

Oh well...well this is for the contest from Julie Kagawa Day with Ash or Puck. (like, if you had a day with them, what would you do?)

Well...I would spend the day with Puck. Becuase he's funny and he makes me laugh, also Ash is Meghan's and it would be awkward being with Ash...

Anyway! Here's what I would do:

I would go to Puck's house and he would invite me in, and we would hang out there, have a soda maybe...And then we'd leave, and Puck would show me all the places he likes to hang out, and then we would go torment unsuspecting fey and humans.
And then we would take the trod to the NeverNever and we would go the Summer Court and cause trouble there, and then we would go to the Winter Court and do the same thing...Maybe say hi to Ash...hehe.
Then if Puck wouldn't mind, I would want to go to the Iron Court. (it sounds soooo cool there)
And then, we would go back through the NeverNever and he would pick me a flower, put it under my ear and kiss me on the cheek and say that I'm beautiful or pretty. :)

That's what I would do with Puck if I got a day with him.

Hope you like it! You can go to Julie's blog here:

Thanks for reading it!


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