Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk like a Pirate Day


Today is Talk like a Pirate day and I am getting in the mood! Arrrgh!!!                 (And Kermit got into the mood too,^)                   

Catherine: Ahoy little people! You should join Jashub and I in talking like pirates!

Jashub: Ay, ye should.

Catherine: *Giggles*

Jashub: *smiles*

Ugh....Ok, gross guys...just...gross.

Catherine & Jashub: Sorry, Madison.

*sighs* Ok, so join in the fun today! And in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow: Savvy?

Catherine: Savvy, Captain.

Jashub: I thought I was the captain.--

Catherine: Just say it and we can leave!
Jashub: Savvy, Captain!

Catherine: Whew, thank you, honey.

Catherine! Don't give away stuff!!!!!!

Catherine: Let's go Jashub, we're just ruining things. Bye everyone!

Jashub: Arr! Bye fer now mateys!

Bye everyone! Have a great Monday!


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