Sunday, September 18, 2011

A semi important post

Hey peeps!

Last night, I finally decided on how many books there will be in the Royal Pains and Hair Color Forces.

Royal Pains: Four (Drama QueenA Royal Wedding?, The Royal Mix Up (coming Oct. 10th 2011)) And one more after that to wrap everything up. :))

Hair Color Forces: (We're Not as Dumb as We Look and Tell Me Something I Don't Know) and one more which I will start soon!

That's my plan. I will tell you if anything changes.

Right now, I am trying to decide on which book to write. I started one book, and stopped and now I'm working on Tale of World's 3. I won't tell you anything about it until I'm sure that I'll be finishing it.

Gah! Today, I asked my friend Aaron (who I like) if he wanted to sit with me in youth group tonight, and he said yes. I'm kind of nervous. We have like...nothing to talk about it. His sister and I usually hang out. lol. But we're supposed to be listening, so we won't have to worry about talking.

Just pray for me. Like about liking and all that.

Bye for now guys!

Love you guys! Your awesome!



  1. I know you already went to youth group. I'm sorry that I didn't comment sooner, but I was out of town. So, how'd it go with Aaron? :)


  2. Haha, it's alright! Hope you had a good time out of town. :)

    It went good. Thanks for asking. :)


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