Friday, September 23, 2011

A shout out from the peeps at Hair Color Forces

Luna: Guys! There both the same!--

Matt: his is bigger!

John:! Yours is just smaller because Madison likes me better.

Luna: *groans* Hey guys, sorry about that. They just can't stop arguing for one second. Anyway, I hope you guys liked our book!

Anne Bellum: Yeah! hope you liked it! We it?

Dana: Oh...Anne. Your so cute.

Anne Bellum: Am not!

Luna: Sigh...the arguing never stops.

John: Luna! Which one is bigger? Mine or Matt's? *whispers: say mine!*

Matt: Yeah Luna!

Luna: You guys are a bunch of idiots. There both the same size, right Madison?

Yup, sure are. :)

Luna: See! Told you!

*no one says anything*

Luna: well, gotta go. Our new book should start being written soon! Right after the new Tale of Worlds book. (number 3!)

Bye for now!

-Hair Color Forces


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