Wednesday, June 29, 2011



My mom and sis are sick.

And I HATE BEING SICK!!!! It's like my MORTAL fear!!!! I'm sooo scared! Last time I got sick, I didn't eat for days and I kept not feeling well bc I thought I would get sick. I don't think I would survie if I got sick. NO JOKE. I'm SERIOUS. Please pray!

Thanks guys!

- Maddie


  1. My dear blogger pal please do not become sick!
    Neilmed is amazing if you are trying to get sick. I know you can purchase it at Walgreens and its only like 15 dollars max. Its a synse rinse that really works. My whole family uses it and we haven't been sick in almost a year if we use it when we start to get symtoms of becoming sick. It will stop it right there and you will feel entirely better :)

  2. OH! I hope you guys are okay now I JUST got to read this post!

  3. Hahaha! Your funny, Soph. Yeah, we're fine. No one had the flu, it was just a little fever, and my sister was just worn out.

    Thanks for caring though! :)



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