Friday, June 24, 2011

A Writer's Life for Me

Hey all!

Today is a do nothing day. I am going to write and read and write and read. Sound good? (:

Have you guys tried out the new commenting system? Blogger finally likes me, so I can comment on my blog from my PC! Yay!

I am trying to figure out what to write about next....Should I write about FantastaGirl? Or some other thing about Russian spies? (I have a obsession going on with Russians)

Anyway, today I am going to go to the library and get books: Artemis Fowl and Anastasia's Secret. I'm going to see how Anastasia's Secret is. I like the history about her. So I don't want them to ruin anything....

And I have to walk my friend's dog for her while she's gone. I get money! haha.

Well, I hope ya'll are having a great day!

Bye bye!

- Madison Louise <3

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