Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!!!!


I missed you guys!

So what's new???

Me? Well, I had a GREAT time at camp. Jesus really made me feel peacful this past week. I made some awesome friends and I've had time to brainstorm on my story. (: I also stripped and scraped my knee really bad. so i'm limping, but it's all good.

I just had ice cream and I learned some cool dances to some awesomelycool songs from the 80's. Here's one of them:

All you did in the dance is: step to the right 4 times and then step to the left 4 times and then you kick with your right leg and then your left and then your right and then your left and then your left. Then you did your own speical move after that, and then you turn and to the same thing until the song is over.
It's TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking about putting it in my book.

I'm going to take notes while I'm watching Camp Rock bc I have to know stuff before writing the sceanes in my book about them doing the Camp Rock drama. (:

Tomorrow is church and a pool party!!

I cannot wait until church!!! I've missed it!!!

Bye bye for now!

- Madison Louise <3

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