Monday, June 20, 2011

A Writer's Life For Me


Sorry I haven't posted like ALL DAY. Been busy. you like "The Side Not For the Day"? Email me some cool quotes you like and they'll probably end up on "The Side Not For the Day" (:

I've been totally hooked on Selena Gomez's album: The Scene. I can't stop listening to them!! the song Round and Round music video, made me get some cool idea's for "A Royal Wedding?"

And you guys who have a Twitter, please follow me. (:

And guys, if you don't mind, could you spread the word about my books and my blog. My books are on Write Always. And you know where my blog is. ;)

I love all you fans out there!

42 days!!!!

- Madison Louise <3


  1. is the royal wedding a book?

  2. Yes. It's the sequel to Drama Queen. A Royal Wedding? Will b out in 41 days on

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! CAN'T WAIT! I REALLY LIKED THAT ONE! :D My fav though so far is "Wer'e not as dumb as we look" ;) PS what is Morris publishing? to they publish your book to a hard cover and send it to you?


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