Friday, June 24, 2011

Please Pray

Hey guys,

If I want to play volleyball at this one school, I have to take a class.

I am HOMESCHOOLED. I've never been to school in my LIFE. I am so freaked!

Volleyball is the only sport I like. But I'm scared.

Sounds silly doesn't it?

But, please pray.

Thanks guys. (:

- Madison Louise <33


  1. Its not silly at all! You will be completely fine :) I went to public school for 1st thru 4th (I am now homeschooled also) grade and I had no troubles. I am still friends with those kids I went with actually. I will be praying for ya though :)

  2. Hey...

    There's nothing to be afraid of... i can understand why you would be nervous though, I 'm homeschooled too, and I know how you feel, but all's ya got to do, is
    1. trust God
    2Be yourself
    I hope this helped :)
    Sophie :)

  3. No problem! :) And listen, don't let fear run ur life. Have fun, play volleyball and don't worry about the other kids in the school. Who knows, u might just happen to meet some new friends :)

  4. Sophie - It did! Thank you soo much!
    I'm also nervous bc my friend that goes there says that there's a mean girl. And of course, there's dating. I really hate that.

    JesusChick - Thanks again! (: I'll try. (:

  5. Just one question, if the friend says the girl is mean then why is he dating her???

  6. My friend says (which I don't know is true, I'll have to find out) that the girl is mean and she dates some guy I know and maybe she doesn't want anyone to steal him from her? Just a thought, I don't really know.


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