Monday, June 27, 2011

A writers life for me

Hey all!

Just let me say that I love my blogger pals. There soo cool. They don't even know me in person! Man, there awesomely awesome. I had VBS. Got up at 7 AM. But it was worth it. It was fun. I still got some writing in. "Courtney: A Mafia's Apprentice" is coming along great. I'm deciding on doing a whole series if you guys end up liking it.

I am reading Uncommon Criminals and I am LOVING IT! Ally Carter, you ROCK!
But I am jealous of your title: New York's Best-Selling author. I want that title SOOO bad.

What are you guys reading?

Well, I won't be able to post A LOT. But I will try!

Love you guys!

- Madison Louise <33


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