Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Writer's Life For Me

Hey all!

I am moving tomorrow.....My broom is BLUE! I get my own room!!!!!! SWEETNESS!!!!!

Could someone try the new Twitter thing I put on? I want to make sure it works. Also, when you ask to follow me, I will have to accept it. So please send me a email or comment and tell me that you asked to follow me. You don't have to tell me who you are, just tell me you asked.
Thanks. (:

You guys are amazing! The best fans and followers EVER!

46 days <3

- Madison Louise <3


  1. A blue BROOM??? AMAZING! Lol I am guessing u meant *room but still that's awesome =D My room is green on one wall and a veeery light purple on the other 3 walls. My fave color is green so its awesome hehehe Blue is my second best fave so I'm jealous ;)

  2. Lol did I really say BROOM? Lol that's too funny.

    Hey, when u read my books, did u c God in them? I'm struggling with myself that there bad. Do u mind if when I'm done writing this book could I sEnd it to u? I want tO know what's bad and what's good.

    Thanks! (:

  3. Yeah u did! "My broom is BLUE!"

    I wouldn't mind at all and yes I can see God in them :)

  4. U can use my old email to email me, just put ur name in the subject line and i'll open it-
    I don't get on it that much, its more of a spam email lol

  5. and those r ones, not sevens lol i just realised that they don't look like ones


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